Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Snow White Party Inspiration!

I have one month to plan and prep for my daughter's 3rd birthday party. She decided on her fav Disney Princess, Snow White.  Kinda odd that she picked her, instead of Cinderella or even Rapunzel...which looks more like her with the blonde hair and all. One of my friends said she might have picked Snow White because it reminds her of her mommy :) Yes, I'll go with that! So.....I have been putting together some ideas for the party, I want to stay clear of making it cheesy and commercial. I'm going for a more foresty kinda feel even vintage shabby cottage would be cute. I still want to stay with the main colors of red, yellow, and blue though.

Instead of a super sparkly princess costume, what about this retro Snow White frock? 

Dress from loverdoversclothing on Etsy

 Invite via Pink Pickle Studios

Love this moss covered letter with burlap bow! Going to try and make this.

Cake pops are all the rage! These apple pops would be perfect by Cake Pops by Xpressive Designs

This would be a fun activity, a cardboard cottage that the kids can draw on. 

I have many more ideas but I don't want to spill them all and ruin the surprise! You'll have to check back mid-September for the actual party pics :) 

You can check out my full Pin-spiration board on Pinterest here

Any other ideas or suggestions are welcome! Do you have a party you want to share? Post the link so I can check it out. I LOVE LOVE LOVE looking at pretty party pics!! 

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