Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dollar Store Crafts

On a recent trip to buy dance shoes this weekend, we stopped in The Dollar Tree in the same shopping center.I went in for wrapping paper, because I neglected to put the wrapping paper I bought at Target a few days earlier in my cart! (didn't realize this till later that day and never went back) First thing out of my kid's mouths, "Can I get something??"  Instead of letting my girls bring more junky toys into the house, I decided to look for something we could do as an activity. I found these cute little wooden bird houses & paint to go along with. This was perfect because it was also a cloudy day and we could not be at the pool like they would have wanted. So, for $4.27, we bought two bird houses, and two paint sets which equaled about 30 minutes of fun!

The best part was seeing their faces when they were finished painting. They are so proud of themselves :) 

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