Monday, August 15, 2011

iheartfaces - EYES

It's been a while since I have entered a photo in the i heart faces challenge. I'm not sure why, between working full time,taking care of the kids, and starting my blog,I should have a lot of free time right?!? I do have the perfect models for this week's photo challenge though!


  1. Cute! Her eyes are a lovely shade of blue.

  2. love this Nicole! I was also going to enter on of Brianna's picture for this weeks contest (for the first time) But I am still trying to figure out how! both pictures are perfect!

  3. First step, post the photo in your blog. Make sure to add the iheartfaces logo with a link back to their site. Next go to:
    Click where it says :Click here to enter.

    It will take you to the linky tool, where you add the permalink of your post (the direct link to it, not just your blog). Then you pick a thumbnail and a description and then you should be entered!

    I hope that helps! I know your photo will be beautiful!!! :)

  4. wow, what a doll! Love her blonde ringlets and of course those eyes!
    Well done!

  5. Gorgeous! And what a cute model for sure.

    p.s. Love the name of your blog! :)