Sunday, August 28, 2011

My week in pictures {Phone Dump}

Ok, I am a day late in posting this but oh well....Its been a busy week with my oldest starting Kindergarten.

We went to a local festival at a farm, they had all kinds of cool stuff included this bungee thing my daughter wanted to do. She's my little dare devil.

Hay rides. Great except its really uncomfortable to sit on hay with shorts on. 

The ride took us back to the petting zoo area. 

Family Shot :)

Wouldn't be complete without some cotton candy. 


I bought this headboard off Craiglist. Turns out the lady lived a few houses down from me! It was a wood finish but we painted to match the room. Here is the primer, we finished painting and will put it up today (hopefully). 

Love end of season clearance at Target! $3.24 for this bathing suit. 

Ride on lawn mower, a must for our yard. Too bad we don't own one! Luckily we have a great friend who lets us borrow it. 

Kindergarten Orientation. Apparently we have hit the Kindergarten teacher jackpot. She had these cute cupcakes waiting for her new students. 

My little one making herself right at home. 

Officially a school ager! 

This is what happens when you mix side walk chalk and water, side walk paint! 

While hosing down the patio, I decided to spray the girls in their clothes. They loved it! Lots of cool points for that one :) 

My girls love making their own pizza...too bad the one on the left ate all her cheese instead of putting in ON the pizza. When she finished off the bowl of cheese, she then proceeded to take the cheese off the pizza!! 

Ice cream night. Magic Hard Shell, haven't had it in years but its sooo good!

How was your week?


  1. what!? you also did sidewalk paint??!! ME TOO!!! LOL too funny! I did it with cornstarch, water and food coloring. I posted the tutorial on my blog. and I love Teagan eating the cheese for the pizza! too cute :)

  2. My little monkey LOVES the bungee jumps!! Love the swimsuit : )