Saturday, August 13, 2011

My week in pictures {Phone Dump}

Here is a little look inside my week via my cell phone camera.

We stopped by the open house for the girl's dance studio, face painting, bounce house, and snow cones! 

Went out for Sunday breakfast at Big View Diner. They had these great yarn ball light fixtures all around the restaurant.  I've seen tutorials on how to make these....hmmmmm

I let my girls eat donuts while shopping in Wal-mart. Don't judge. It was for my own sanity! 

Did a little school shopping. Isn't this hat too cute?!? 

My dinner.  I started a diet plan this week. 

My snack. Mini Ranch Rice cakes, actually very tasty! 

Exercise. It feels so good. 

My baby. Turns 3 next month.

Headphones in the car = A nice peaceful ride.

Getting fresh for Kindergarten.  

Till next week. Happy Weekend :) 

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