Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tis the season...FOOTBALL season!

Yes, I am one of those women who actually enjoys & understands the game of football. I wasn't always that way, not until I entered my freshman year at Florida State University. I set foot on campus in 1997, the Seminoles were in their prime time. Championships...It was an exciting time back then.

There is something different about being a fan of your college team and not just your favorite NFL or professional sports team. Now, when I say YOUR college team, I mean you were actually enrolled in classes there. You lived in that college town, found the cheapest pizza you could, your closet was filled with school colored clothing. You were apart of that school community. Saturday's meant gameday and tailgating.

Walking to the stadium, feeling camaraderie with thousands of strangers around you, the only thing you have in common is that you are all part of the same team.

I can't describe the feeling when those players run out on the field and the stands go wild. Our mascot, Chief Osceola riding his horse & planting that spear in the ground, and most importantly the sound of the band! Drums pounding as the sea of garnet & gold wave their arms up and down doing the tomahawk chop.

If you went to a big football University, you just know what I mean. I am so proud to wear my FSU gear & proud to say I'm a graduate of that great school. I will watch every game that is televised & try to catch attend a game in Tallahassee every now and then.

I am a Seminole. Plain and simple.

Here is to a fabulous season!

GO NOLES!!!!!!

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